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The Digital Life Project ( D.L.P. )    ... is the next phase of Deaton LeMay Project  (Roby Deaton and Craig LeMay)  who tip-their-hats to the pioneers of the Symphonic Progressive-Rock  genre of the 70's + 80's, while still containing a modern-day sound, ...with compositions containing layered rhythmic ideas, along with exciting endless fundamentally tones ; from complex phrasings -to- catchy melodies , they truly bringing their Symphonic-Prog-Rock  style home, in the 21st century.

Their most recent CD release is titled 'The Fifth Element' (2022), ...with 50% of it's contents themed-based around FOUR main Elements of Life ( Earth, Water, Fire, Air ) , but adding a 5th essential Element of Life ...MUSIC, which unites the 4 other Elements of Life.

Digital Life Project is currently working on their next recording, tentavely scheduled for release the beginning of 2025.


SAMPLE (HERE) the band's debut CD release, titled 'Day After Yesterday' (2020), ...along with their recent 'The Fifth Element' (2022) in the STORE SECTION of this site;  BOTH are available as an immediate Download, or a physically mailed CD PURCHASE. 

( STORE link )...with FREE samples  !